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Privacy Policy (Regulation S-P)


Regulation S-P governs how broker/dealers collect and treat client's private, non-public information. As such, DMERC will comply with Regulation S-P (Privacy Policy) which requires all financial institutions to notify its customers of its intentions with respect to collecting, maintaining and distributing a client's private, non-public information.

DMERC's Role

At DMERC, when customers complete documentation for transactions we must collect private, non-public information pertaining to the customer. This information  is recorded within various documents and is ultimately stored in our data bases at our corporate headquarters.

DMERC utilizes non-public information of its customer in order to facilitate and settle transactions on behalf of its customers which includes the transfer of funds. All associates of DMERC know that it is strict policy to not share and/or distribute the private, non-public information of any person to its affiliates, subsidiaries and/or non-affiliated third parties unless required by law.


It shall be the policy of  DMERC to distribute its Privacy Policy on  two separate and  distinct occasions. First,  the firm shall submit the policy to those customers opening a new account with the firm. Secondly, the policy shall be distributed to all current customers on an annual basis. The annual notification will be accomplished by submitting a blanket mailing which includes the firm's policy. The mailing will be distributed to all existing customers between the months of October and February. Furthermore, the  firm shall maintain a link on its web-site which directs readers to the firm's Privacy Policy. The contents of the link are listed below (POLICY CUSTOMERS).


Since the firm will never share the sensitive information collected from its customers - an "opt-out notification" to its customers is not necessary. Should the firm change its sharing policies, the procedures shall be revised accordingly and all customers will be notified. 




DMERC is committed to maintaining your personal information in a highly confidential manner. This page describes our Privacy Policy as it applies to how we collect, maintain and protect private, non-public information when you open an account with DMERC. Please know that this policy applies to all former, current and new customers.


When you apply for and/or open an account with DMERC, we collect personal information about you for various purposes. Certain regulatory requirements mandate that information be collected by us so that we may make proper evaluations with respect to your financial needs. Furthermore, the Patriot Act requires  that we collect specific information in an effort to fight money-laundering. For more information regarding the Customer Identification Program and the information that we collect, please click here.


When you engage in transaction through DMERC, the information obtained by our company will be maintained in the strictest confidence and stored in  secure databases which are exclusive to certain DMERC personnel and inaccessible to outside parties. The persons with access to your information will be limited to personnel dedicated to servicing your account.


DMERC has never and will not provide your personal and sensitive information to affiliates, subsidiaries and/or non-affiliated third parties unless required by law. We do not wish to  reserve the right to disclose, nonpublic personal information to affiliates or nonaffiliated third parties, except to nonaffiliated parties as authorized by law. Essentially, this means with anyone. "Required by law" may include regulatory investigations which mandate that we provide specific information to investigators for purposes of cooperating with their investigation.


When you transact business with DMERC, you will receive a copy of all documentation which contains the information you provided to us. In order to ensure that our files are complete and accurate, we invite you to provide us with any updates and/or additions to your personal information.

Should you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please send all correspondence to:

D-MERC Services

Attn: Privacy Policy

15000 W 6th Ave, Suite 203

Golden, CO  80401

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